Take Time to Unplug

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”  -John Muir I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods. In April of 2016 I decided to do something drastic. I moved my family from Southern California, where my wife and I have lived our whole lives, where our four children were born, and… Continue reading Take Time to Unplug

Write it Down, on Paper.

“Every great idea started on the back of a napkin.” How do ideas spread across generations? Without a form of permanent communication, all knowledge would be lost from one generation to another. Writing is one of the few things you can do every day that will ensure your success in life. Write it down. There… Continue reading Write it Down, on Paper.

Everyone Needs to Cold-Call

“Most young people have no clue how to build a conversation on the phone.” Cold calling. Everyone hates it, but it is absolutely critical to your success as an entrepreneur. If you don’t cold call, your business will fail. Plain and simple. I started cold calling at the very beginning of my career as a… Continue reading Everyone Needs to Cold-Call

You are going to fail.

“We ebb and flow on the success-failure spectrum constantly. We win some, we lose some.” Failure. It’s a fact of life. As soon as we start to crawl, we fail. If you have kiddos, you know what I mean. Your little guy first learns to roll over from his back to stomach and vice versa.… Continue reading You are going to fail.