Stop Trying to Buy Motivation

Motivation is a fickle concept to grasp. There are so many varying opinions on what motivation is, where it comes from, and how to apply it to our lives. All it takes is a few minutes on Twitter or any other social media platform to see all of these “personal development coaches” selling motivation, like it can be purchased from another entity. What a joke! I laugh at these people. Because at the end of the day all they are doing is making you feel good temporarily, giving you a “rah rah” moment and trying to infuse energy into your life, which is so fleeting. Motivation isn’t something that can be taught, it’s not something that can be passed on from one person to another. It may last as long as a conference or as long as Tony Robbins is making you feel special but the fact of the matter is: you cannot buy motivation! Focusing on “getting motivated” is an utter waste of time. Just go do what you know you need to do. It’s that easy. We are so clever at finding ways to make it more complicated. Just go do what you know you need to do. The momentum from completing one task to the next will build your “motivation” more than any thousand dollar seminar.

We humans like to make life too complicated. We like to procrastinate and look for the magic pill in everything we do. “Motivate me!” you say, but really what your asking me to do is blow sunshine up your caboose and tell you that you are special. You’re not special. You’re not invincible. You’re no better than any one else. The activities you complete in life may be different from others, but at the core, you are no different than the beggar on the street who is addicted to drugs and suffers from mental illness. You are also no different than Bill Gates. He puts on his pants the same way you do. He has to stop and rest and eat and drink water just like the rest of us. Stop looking for motivation from these charlatans selling “success”. The Tony Robbins, the Grant Cardones, these guys make millions off your naivete. They are tapping into a human emotion and exploiting it. Sure there is some good that comes from what they do, I don’t want to discount that too much. But for the average Joe, wasting time trying to “get motivated” by getting pumped up from another person is ridiculous. Just do the next task at hand. Get busy. Get active. Move. Just do something, anything (that’s not harmful obviously).

So the real question is how do I stay motivated (like I just walked out of a Tony Robbins seminar) all the time, 24/7/365? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Anyone telling you otherwise is lying or is trying to make some money off you. But there are a few concepts we can apply that will help us to stay FOCUSED. See, in my own experience, I’ve learned that being focused on the task at hand goes a lot further than any motivation mumbo jumbo. When we are laser focused on what we need to do, there is no need to “get motivated” because we are in a mental state where we are constantly achieving our goals because we are so focused, there is no room for doubt. Doubt creates fear, fear creates idleness, idleness is the antithesis of motivation. You want to get motivated? Take the biggest problem you have in your life right now. Write it down. List all of the hard, terrible things you have to accomplish to fix that problem. Now do nothing else but focus on those tasks. No distraction, no excuses. Just get after it. Let one task lead to another and check your progress. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to hurt. But you know what’s harder? Putting off what needs to be done and lying to yourself saying you’ll get it done after you spend countless hours and money on trying to have some charlatan motivate you. You want to learn how to increase your focus? Put your phone down, eliminate distractions. Meditate. Sit quietly in a room with just your thoughts to occupy your time. See your life change. It’s that simple.


About the Author:

Matt DiNinno is the Managing Director of DiNinno Consulting, LLC based in Redlands, California. He and his team help Small and Medium Sized Enterprises thrive. Matt spent 13 years as a licensed Financial Advisor with firms like Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch (see his FINRA Brokercheck Record here).


You can connect with him on Twitter @dininnogroup , Email , Website

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